Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hillary Clinton, An Unstoppable Locomotive at Full Steam

Hillary Clinton will be our next president not thanks to women--who make up more than half the population of the United States--but thanks to men. Men are more predisposed to voting for a woman because men are still the dominant force in this country.

Women are so under-represented (The Senate has but a handful of elected women) and will continue to be so until the new generations do away with hundreds of years of 'mental conditioning.' At present, it's almost impossible for some women to envision a woman president; and for that reason the great majority of them will work against Hillary Clinton to see her lose the election.

Whenever I have an opportunity I ask women, "Can you put away your petty rancors and vote to elect a woman president?"

"Any woman, except her!" I hear.

Then I follow up, "Is there a higher good--like equality--that may be more important than one's petty likes and dislikes?"

"Equality be damned! I hate the woman."

When I discuss meritocracy, some women dismiss Hillary Clinton's humble origins, intelligence, leadership, and lifetime work, while expressing incredible admiration for Queen Elizabeth.

In January 2008, as we watch Hillary's inaugural on TV, the women who are now campaigning against her will console themselves by saying, "I'm proud we made history. We will tell our children and grandchildren that much against our wish a woman was elected president! We are proud we stood in the way of equality."

"Oh, yes--long live the queen."

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