Saturday, November 24, 2007

James Webb, Fields of Fire

Look at his resume and see if you'd expect great things from this man: Highly decorated combat marine during the Vietnam War, journalist, Secretary of the Navy, Assistant Secretary of Defense--and now: Senator from Virginia!

Let me add one more accolade: novelist.

Although Fields of Fire will never be a great novel-chronicle as The Red and the Black or War and Peace, it is an important American work of fiction because it brings to our consciousness the absurdity of our Country's misadventures; in particular the enormous misadventure in Vietnam. The narrative is lively and it portrays a variety of well drawn characters.

When Bob Hodges, Snake, or Goodrich walk point in the Godforsaken jungles of Vietnam, James Webb makes one tremble, shake, and suffer in our civilian shoes, as we commiserate with the grunts. And one can only imagine the stark, lonely and dark nights streaked by the slowly hanging flares with which you could see the face of the Vietcong, the North Vietnamese soldiers, or even the Chinese troopers.

That we only lost 50,000 American troops in Vietnam is a miracle given the impossibility of fighting such a guerrilla war where your enemy was your waiter during the day. Live and learn: Vietnamization then. Or so we thought until the new misadventure now called Iraq.

We should be on the lookout for great things from James Webb. Here in our midst we have a quiet, humble American hero who wore his son's combat boots to make a point, but never once did he wave his medals to belittle his now forgotten racist opponent.

Webb never run away from service--or hid in the National Guard, or sought deferments--when his country needed him during war-time. Having served with distinction he deserves to be not only a U. S. Senator but perhaps even president of the United States!

To think that there are virile men like James Webb fills me with great pride, just as shame rushes to my heart and angers me when I think of cowards who advocate war not having fired a single shot in defense of their country.

Warmongers, and their relatives, should be allowed the opportunity to be in the first wave of attack. Only then should war proceed. Those who advocate and press for war should not be allowed to push other people's children to death.

We have to be thankful to James Webb and his son for what they are: American heroes.

The writing techniques I employ in this article are all explained in Mary Duffy's writing manual:

Augustine, City of God
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