Monday, March 30, 2009

The Shoe Thing: Imelda Marcos and Mary P. Duffy

While I own two pairs of black dress shoes, 2 pairs of sneakers (white and black), and two pairs of winter boots, my wife Mary owns --the last time I counted-- close to six hundred pairs of shoes. Of course, that is a low count, when I recall that Imelda Marcos (wife of Philippines dictator Marcos) owned close to 5,000 pairs.

Curious as I am, I've asked many of my friends and students about this great disparity. To date, no one has advanced a logical answer to this gross inequality. If one goes to an extreme, in Plato's Phaedrus, we learn that old Socrates was always shoeless:
PHAEDRUS: It's convenient, isn't it, that I chance to be barefoot; you of course always are so.

My tentative conclusion is that color, shape, design, proportion, feeling, sense of fashion, elegance, and grace might just be a female trait. Male chauvinism apart, my male friends tell me that they own even less shoes than I do.
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