Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Domains, Hosting, and Money Making

To earn money in the Internet we must make sure that we occupy at least three lanes in the racing course. What are these lanes?

1. You must buy your own domain for your blog or website.

2. You must host your own blog or website with a reliable service.

3. You must write decent English.

What does the above accomplish? By following the above suggestions, you will get an edge over the millions of competitors (bloggers, merchants, marketers, etc) who don't use this technique.

Domain: Whether you sell a service or a product, your domain must identify the product. Your domain name will be your Headline in any ads that you place to promote what you are selling.

To illustrate: I sell an e-book that teaches good writing practices by knowing how to begin sentences. Naturally, I purchased a fitting domain:SentenceOpeners.Com, which I use as the Headline of the Ads I place to promote the book.

Reliable Host: Many services out there will take down your blog or website at midnite, on weekends, for "maintenance," or to save bandwidth, or to favor bigger clients at your expense. In addition, many do NOT provide customer service.

I've been blogging since I retired two years ago, and I've had my share of bad services and disappointments. I could tell you horror stories, but I want to remain positive. So, while many services may want to lure you with flashy and doubtful offers, I prefer the simple, straight, no nonsense service You will find the company at is friendly and one need not be a genius to choose a domain and a host service. And all for modest prices.

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