Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How To Hit Critical Mass Traffic By Submitting Articles

You get targeted traffic in 2 ways. First, from the search engines that crawl the Internet and index the postings in your site. Second, from backlinks to your site from high traffic article publishing websites such as Ezinearticles and Ideamarketers.

Of all the techniques that bloggers and marketers use to herd traffic to their sites, article marketing is perhaps the best because of the results it achieves. Therefore, getting as many articles as possible published will increase the traffic exponentially.

Do not expect to see immediate results; by that I mean in a few days of even a week or two. Traffic will be build up slowly, but it will eventually peak due to the sheer critical mass of the published articles. Most publishers will take from one week to two or even three to approve your articles.

It can be frustrating. At times it felt like I was watching grass to grow on an artificial turf. If you aren't patient and resilient, then this isn't the strategy that you should use. Wait--there's more! Often your articles may be rejected, declined, or even just ignored.

Indeed, article marketing can test your endurance. If you are familiar with Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot, you know what I mean. In that play characters wait for hope to come and it never does. As they wait, they chat idly, and when they have nothing to say they trade their hats. But worst of this play is that the characters suffer from memory lapses! They can't remember what they did and talked about the previous day.

Waiting for some sites to approve your articles is like Waiting For Godot. Some sites will not bother to let you know they didn't like your article. Therefore, you must take initiative and visit the site and follow up.

Here's a quick plan of attack:

1. Write well and for a general audience. Avoid fancy words; people don't like pedantic articles that call attention to the prose.

2. Make your article useful. Readers should be rewarded with information that they couldn't find elsewhere.

3. Break up your article with bold headlines.

4. Enumerate and use bullet points.

5. Do not use taboo words such as "homosexual" or "sex" or "drugs" or even "pharmacy."

6. Submit at least 1 or 2 articles per week; short of that you will not achieve critical mass for a long time (maybe even a year). Naturally, the more articles you submit the quicker the results. A quick measure of traffic building is: for each one hundred articles you submit, expect 100 daily visits to your site. So, if you manage to send 400 articles -- wow! you're in the money! You'll see 1,000 or more visitors daily.

Before you despair and say, "How can I do that--and work and breathe at the same time?!"

The answer is simple: use the best available software in the market. You need a package that creates fresh article by re-writing your (and others') previous articles, and a submitter. People call this software, "spinners."

You can do your own research, but I've found that up to today, the best package is

See Dominic Tay's Spinner

It will take some time to get the package set up, but once this is done, it works nicely. I broke up the chore in two parts. I did half of the set up on Saturday and the other half on Sunday. Of course, I cut corners and I messed up --my fault I acknowledge-- and I had to reset some steps the following day.

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