Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Cool Site: Story of My life

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By accident I stumbled into this wonderful site: "Story of My Life -- Keep your story forever."

Not knowing what to expect, nor having anything to lose, I registered and promptly posted a few stories. A few days later I checked the site and I was stunned to see the number of readers that had viewed my stories.

In total, and in less than a month more than 190,000 people have read my work. This is incredible to me, since I'm used to seeing very low traffic even in the most reputed sites such as ezines, articledashboard, of everyonesarticles.

Excited about this newfound readership I've been helping the site by posting the statistic via Twitter. This is my 140 Twitter message:
marciano540 Incredible! This PM 33,724 (yesterday 29,141) views of my story --If you like to write, publish in this site It's FREE:

Within minutes, the power of Twitter sends hundreds of new readers. As a result, I'm getting e-mails, and affiliates for the sale of my e-book. "Story of My Life" is set up as a foundation. I don't know whether they are getting donations or not, or whether they are making any money. All I know is that it is a great service.

They tell you in their front page: "If you have stories to tell. Story of My Life makes it easy and fun to create and share your favorite memories – stories, pictures, videos & more - and preserve them Forever!"

In due time I will make a donation and also upgrade so that they can stay in business. Meanwhile, take a look and see for yourself. If you are a writer, or want to be one, there's the place to post your stories. Some stories and well written and others are amateurish. Yet no one is nasty about it. Most of the comments I read are from people who love to write and encourage others to keep writing. Go and check it out.
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