Thursday, January 7, 2010

What are Registry errors?

When does it happen?
Whenever you (or anyone who uses your computer) load a program, game or file, your PC's software registry is updated with new set of instructions needed to operate that item. However, when the item is removed, these instructions usually remain on your PC.

The problem pops
So every time you run your computer it tries to execute these instructions but, because the related program can't be found, it causes a registry error. Your PC will start acting weir looking for something non-existent, doing a lot more work than it ought to be and the result is a slower computer. This is something that can drive a person insane.

Solving the problem
One of the best ways to manage this is with a little tool from a Seattle based company: the Advanced Registry Optimizer(ARO5 for short). The program scans, identifies and fixes registry errors- leaving us with a computer that's a lot more like it was when you first bought it.

Free Version
You can now get a free working version of the software which will quickly scan your entire PC and identify all of the registry errors that may be bogging it down. The free version eliminates the first 20 errors and if you have more errors you want to clean- up or want to set the program to run on a regular basis(recommended) you can easily upgrade to the full version for just$ 29.95. After that registry errors will can no longer be an issue.

Just search for "Advanced registry optimizer" and you'll get the link.

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