Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Positivity, you are created for greatness!

ArticleCoop | Positivity, you are created for greatness!

By: Anthony K Wilson Sr

When you think of the word "greatness," who are the people that first come to mind? The word probably brings up thoughts of United States presidents and other patriotic Americans, your favorite sports stars, perhaps kings and queens of other countries, and a host of others who could be thought of as heroes. The positivity of these famous people helped them to achieve their status of greatness and you can do it, too.

You might be surprised to hear the word greatness connected to yourself. However, the fact is that everyone who became great started somewhere. The characteristic which they all had in common was positivity. The good news is that you, also, can develop this trait.

Positivity first means that you must believe in yourself. The person who believes in himself can achieve nearly anything. Whether you have clear goals in mind for your future, or thoughts of how exciting your life can be, positivity is the trait that will get you there. When you know that you can do it, you can!

Believing in yourself is only the first step. The second part of positivity is putting it into action. While goals and dreams are wonderful, they will only happen if you make them happen. Positivity is the drive to turning your dreams into reality. You will need to take the steps of determination, motivation, and hard work. All of these factors together will help you to build the life of your dreams.

You were destined for greatness. To become all that you can be is not something that is available to only a select few. As your life is a wonderful gift, what you decide to do with it can point you in the direction of success. You were created as a special, unique individual and your uniqueness is the key to transforming your life into something very great.

There is another point about greatness which you may not have thought of yet. While you may attribute the word to people who were famous throughout history and in today's world, you have as much potential for greatness as you are at this moment. You may be wonderfully successful and even famous in the future, but you are also great today.

If this surprises you, think about it for a second. When you are giving life your very best, and giving your very best to the people in your life, this shows that you are already great. You do not need fame and fortune to make a very positive difference in your daily life today. Your community, your school, and even your family, can all easily recognize the attribute of greatness in you. You can think of the great person that you are today as being the starting point for the life and future of your dreams.

As long as you continue to believe in yourself, and put this strength into action, you will see that you were indeed created for greatness. Everything you desire can come true.

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