Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mary Duffy and Marciano Guerrero's East of Tiffany's

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Our collection of short stories is now available at many different outlets, to include

East of Tiffany's features characters that populate the East Side of Manhattan: Bankers, executives, TV stars, cops, heirs, shop owners, and --why not?-- their pets.

Mary Duffy's writing techniques (as explained in her best seller e-book Sentence Openers) are all employed in these collection of short stories. In a way, this book is a companion to Sentence Openers.

If you are not familiar with Mary Duffy's method,Read a free chapter, "Mary Patricia and I Become Lifetime Sojourners." Experience first hand how the authors open their sentences, how to use Absolutes, Apositives, and many other techniques:Download now -- takes less than 10 seconds

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