Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Accounting Lessons

Study Notes

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Accounting Opportunities

If you are interested in seeing how I achieved personal success in the United States, you may find my book of short stories East of Tiffany's interesting. Some of the stories are based on my life as an executive, investment banker, and financial adviser to wealthy investors in the East Side of Manhattan.
Close to half-million people have read East of Tiffany's so far. Order your copy from either Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.
Since English is my second language, Mary Duffy --a master of the English language-- aided me not only with the editing, but she also contributed her own stories. I love her writing in "When You Wish Upon a Star." This is a story based on a personal friend's life.

Plato and Accounting

Price/Earnings Ratio

Plant Assets

Luca Pacioli and DaVinci

The secrets of 'no-doze' prose:
Mary Duffy's Sentence Openers


  1. An excellent Professor in true sense. He understands students, their needs and imparts knowledge that will definitely help secure job in the accounting field. I always recommend him to everybody that talks to me about accounting. he one of the best professors I have met in Laguardia Community College. A great professor. Once you will sit in his class I assure that you will leave with some knowledge. He made accounting such an easy class with his years of experience and expertise. He is in complete command of the subject he teaches and the language he preaches.

    A thorough gentleman.

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