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Book Reviews and Criticism: East of Tiffany's

Review: Jacquie Adorno,June 29, 2010: East of Tiffany's by Mary Duffy and Marciano Guerrero is a collection of short stories that will move you, make you cry, capture your heart and remind you of divine intervention. The writing styles of the authors is incredible, every page captures your imagination, tugs at your heart and reminds you that human beings are exceptional even when they are at their lowest point.

The stories in this book not only reflect the daily beliefs and struggles that tear at people every day, but they also educate you and make you think about "what would I do, if that were me?"

When I started reading this book I was in awe. The immense love and respect the authors have for each other, and their writing is something very rare. There are a number of "favorite" stories in this book, but three tugged at my heart. In "Mary Patricia and I become lifetime sojourners," Marciano Guerrero writes about the love of his life, "When I'm awake I think of you, when I sleep I dream of you, and in my dreams you are my hypnosis, my delirium, and my peace" (Pg 3). This quote made me cry, we all dream about this type of love; Marciano and Mary were blessed with it.

In Dog Heaven, we are reminded of the love pet owners have for their pets and how we think of them as one of our children, part of our family. Reading this story brought back tears and beautiful memories of my own "pepino" and it reminded me of the emptiness we feel when our pets go to heaven.

Devine intervention is a belief that I was raised with. In Watching over blue babies, Marciano Guerrero demonstrates that there is no higher power than faith and prayer. When he drops to his knees and says "I have tested your patience dear lord, punish me, but let this child live" (pg 40). We are reminded that in difficult times when we are at our lowest, we all turn to a higher being.

The Duffy - Guerrero partnership is a great success!!!

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read and experience the human touch!

I Also Recommend her other book: Toolbox for Writers.

Review by Ramira Duarte: The book "East of Tiffany" has been more than a guide throughout my life than just reading a novel or a normal book. When I first started reading this book, my first impression was the amazing words Marciano Guerrero used to describe the love he has for his wife in this reading, the sincere words that each are describing the enormous importance Mary Patricia has been to his life since he met her. My favorite story is "Mary Patricia and I become lifetime sojourners," which is the first story of the book. In this story I personally admire the love these two characters have for each other, and all that they have been through, but holding on to each other no matter what. "When I'm awake I think of you, when I sleep I dream of you, and in my dreams you are my hypnosis, my delirium, and my peace" (Pg 3). This is one of my favorites quotes in this story. By now I have read the whole story, because once you have started reading this book, you don't want to stop till your totally done with it. I really recommend reading this book, because it gives multiple advice for us college students about persisting on our dreams and goals.

Review by Zimantha Brissett: This book makes for such a pleasant read. East of Tiffany's is a captivating glimpse into the lives of New Yorkers. You may not get where its going at first but slowly with each short story it begins to lay itself out in front of you like a new and interesting road. This book is filled with tales of love, understanding and decision. A must read.

Kristine Cuenco Posted June 7, 2010, 7:34 PM EST: I found this book useful and comprehensive because of it's vivid details in each short story. It captures the essence of the inhabitants of New York City's East Side. It is definitely a great read when you are sitting down at Central Park's Great Lawn on a sunny day. I recommend this book to people who are a fan of short stories.

Juan Diaz Posted June 5, 2010, 6:45 AM EST: What makes this book so great is the capability of leaving you a life-lesson upon every single story. I did feel touched more that once while reading. So, I want to quote two lines that have been captive in my mind since. "Because Mary Patricia likes to eat fruit every day, I made it a point to always bring home an apple, bananas, grapes, or cantaloupes . . . My gesture, though, was more spiritual than nutritional -never come home empty handed". Adding "Early in our marriage I learned that Mary Patricia wished to be consulted in all my decisions, no matter how petty or insignificant. So, I made the promise to myself that not only would I consult with her, but over consult". This represents for me a really wise and lovely thought that I personally would like to use as a guideline when living with my beloved. A successful relationship is not only based on receiving but giving what you believe is important for your partner, altogether with the willingness of constantly learning from it.

Rizwan: Posted June 8, 2010, 4:10 PM EST: Having read the book "East of Tiffany's" stories several times, I highly recommend the book: they are fast-paced and entertaining. The stories were very engaging and touching and the descriptions were so lively that at point I felt like everything is happening in front of me, so truly written from heart and the writer meant every words of it. I would definitely recommend this book to any readers outside and inside New York City and in fact anyone in this world who enjoys reading books. The book is about different kinds of people who live in lovely East Side of Manhattan and the stories are from the author real life experience. It is filled with a lot of interesting stories from real life of real poeple. It is definitely an "A" grade book and I m sure new readers will enjoy it much as I did.

Review by: Kristen Kay. Reading these short stories put me right in the midst of the East Side of Manhattan. Not only are the stories charming and realistic, but also moral. One learns there's a lot of good in this world. Any writer of any level (aspiring, budding, or advanced) can learn how to write stories by following this book. To be specific, I love the story "Luke," the last one of the collection. By getting inside Luke's mind and nervous system (feeling with him), I enjoyed tremendously the man's pain and joy, his highs and lows, his moments of exultation and depression. Such a pity that we don't get to see more of Luke. I wish he'd reappear in the future. I can't wait for the next book by these authors. Meanwhile I will re-read some of the stories. Just as Tiffany's (the store) is for gifts, this year I will give copies of this book to my friends for their birthdays and at Christmas time. The book is really a jewel and it should be sold inside Tiffany's!

Review by: Syed sajjad. East of tiffany's is one of the best book that I have ever read. It's so interesting that I finished it in one day. I felt connected from the beginning till the end. This Book has some amazing short stories that will entertain as if you are watching a movie. I definitely recommend this book to everyone. Thanks. Order from

Review by Vidya T. Satrohan. East of Tiffany's is an excellent book; it will make you laugh while teaching you simple lessons about life.

Review by: Christopher Kelly. East of Tiffany's definitely exceeded my expectations. The stories were very engaging and touching, to say the least, and I found myself simultaneously wanting to hear more about each character while having a sense of closure at the end of each short story. That in itself is a very difficult task which both authors masterfully achieved with what seems to be effortless writing. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone from New York City because it will answer the timeless question, "Why is that guy lifting his leg to a tree while his dog is just staring at the dog walking the guy?" I would also recommend this book to anyone outside of New York City because it's a rare glimpse into a world where you never know where one interaction with a person, or pet will get you.

Review by Mary Ellen Tompkins. East of Tiffany's is a well written and fun book. The stories are heartwarming and show the more human and compassionate side of life in New York City. Order from

Review by Brahim Aguezoum. This book introduces me about the life in east Manhattan through many characters, and how friendly the New Yorkers are.

Review by Ananthapol Sangkhanit. East of Tiffany's is one of the best books I have read. The book is about different kinds of people who live in lovely East Side of Manhattan and the stories are from the author real life experience. It is filled with a lot of interesting stories from cover to cover. There is on such a place like East Side of Manhattan. Where else can you find a bartender who does not drink? I have to give the author the thumbs up. He has such a good sense of humor that makes the stories flow smoothly and enjoyable. You will never get bored. I strongly recommend East of Tiffany's to everybody. You will find out every second that you spend on this book is a special moment.

Review by Shabbir Dalal. It is one of the best books that I have read. You can read this book on the subways, buses and whenever you have time. A refreshing look into different aspects of life. The words carry magic of emotions as if you are part of the happenings. Emotions gush out and you feel fresh and relived as it touches and shed light to many shadowed areas of our life. I felt very touched by the story of the sweet dog Pepino; though animal he was in control of the author till the last minute and even commands emotion of its readers. The different phase of life and rich variety of experiences are woven together with distinct demarcation of short stories. All in all a very good book to read! The author touches the subject matter of faith, loyalty, bonding, budding, romance, elegance, isolation, struggles, conflicts and resolve. A very interesting book for everyone to read!

Review by J. Anderson: The stories are like having a conversation and a glass of wine with an old friend, pleasant, comfortable, and for people who don't live in New York, a view of life that shows there is a sweetness here that most don't expect.

Review by Pablo Maldonado. This book is great, very easily to read and the stories are very inspired; bringing us the perspectives of various lives. The stories are not boring at all (unlike many others) and since there are brief and independent you don't have to wait up to the end of the book to get the main point the author projects. You won't stop once you start. I really like the "blue babies" story. It's a story almost impossible to believe but since I got the privilege of being knowing the author I believe it. This particular story is invaluable for me and has left its mark in my life. I definitely recommend this book, a book out of ordinary.

Review by Michael Galante Jr. This book has very much to offer. It's filled with stories that pertain to reality in which many can relate to or that many can look up too. It's filled with moving and inspirational choices and stories in life. It's filled with love, "real love" and it touches the heart on every level. It is also emotional and sad but through all the hard times life brings, it shows the ability to stay strong and move forward without grief taking over. This book filled with many inspirational stories has definitely shined a light on my life as a struggling person to keep strong and move forward. In addition, this book is well written and well put together. I definitely recommend this book to all readers. Order from

Review by Johan Arenas. I found this book to be great, I hadn't read a book beginning to end in about six years, but yesterday when I sat down to read this book; I had the mindset that I would read the first ten pages and then I would sit down and watch some TV, but the book started to grow on me. I finished the book this afternoon and must admit that thanks to this book an interest to read has came over me. The book was easy to read yet challenging, it was entertaining yet so real, I was able to get to know so many people in the book, so many stories yet all coming together to the same place. This book is great for anyone who lives in a city as big as New York, and yet feels so empty, because it shows the humanity that even though at times it seems that we lack we all are the same kind-- humankind. And last but not least this book can be a great inspirational tool for all war veterans coming from war as myself, who feel that we are alone, this book shows that we are not, and that there are other veterans in the past who have gone through the same things and made it. Thanks to Mary Duffy and Marciano Guerrero for putting this together, it has been a great inspiration for me. I hope to read more books in the future by you.

Review by Georgia K. The principles that I have learned in the first few chapters are amazing. The first chapter, I have to say was my favorite. One thing I will always carry with me is "when you go to a woman think that you are touching the petal of a rose never hurt her or yell at her - or the bloom will fade," another one is "A man is only half- man if he provides half for his family and half for himself." What makes this book a very good book is the fact that life, love, business and school are put together in a series of short stories in a marvelous way.

Book review by Kim: Do pick up this book. The stories are like little ice cream bon bons. Short and sweet and satisfying. And of course--at the end you'll find yourself wanting more.

Kim WildeKim Wilde
Book review by Amaya88, May 22, 2010:
I have finished reading the book East Of Tiffany's and it was incredible. I must say my feelings were deeply touched and affected by each short story I have read. My mind had a thirst for each experience written. It was very beneficial to have learned and envisioned how life is in the east side of Manhattan including the morals of these unforgettable people. I really look forward to read future stories by Mary Duffy and Marciano Guerrero and will continue to work hard and use these memories mentioned to assure to myself that if you work hard and put a strong effort in life then one day you can be gifted with happiness and joy like these characters were in this magnificent novel.