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Review of East of Tiffany's by Carolina L. Gomez

July 29, 2010: This book has 13 wonderful short stories that relate to the experiences that most humans encounter in their lifetime. From being an adolescent to being an elder, one or more of these stories will capture your heart. Each story has its original tone and main idea with one connection: All the main characters, at one point or another, lived in East of Tiffany's. From love stories to war stories, this book shines a light on most of the important lessons in life.

The story that I related to the most to my personal life was "Marriage Vows and Genesis". This is a story all married women would love for her husband to read and simulate. This short story holds the key to a happy marriage. Take into consideration that the authors have been together for more than half a century. You can't possibly get better insight anywhere else!

Being a mother and a believer in the power of prayer, I can say that the story that I enjoyed the most is "Watching Over Blue Babies." In this story the author is exclaiming how proud he is of his daughter when he suddenly has a flashback to the day his daughter was born. After a few complications and much prayer, the worried father gives a sigh of relief when his daughter survives. After the flashback, the writer makes a jaw dropping, celestial connection from the day his daughter was born to the present. This story impressed me so much that it left me wanting more.

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If you are interested in seeing how I achieved personal success in the United States, you may find my book of short stories East of Tiffany's interesting. Some of the stories are based on my life as an executive, investment banker, and financial adviser to wealthy investors in the East Side of Manhattan.
Close to half-million people have read East of Tiffany's so far. Order your copy from either or Barnes and Noble.

Since English is my second language, Mary Duffy --a master of the English language-- aided me not only with the editing, but she also contributed her own stories. I love her writing in "When You Wish Upon a Star." This is a story based on a personal friend's life.

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