Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Write a Novel: Mario Vargas Llosa in New York City's Central Park

Announcement of the Laureate of the Nobel Priz...The Nobel Prize-winning novelist for Literature 2010 starts his days working out and planning the work day; perhaps even thinking about writing autobiography?
Vargas Llosa's routine begins very early with a walk of about an hour attempting to stay in shape because he knows that the writer's craft is somewhat sedentary and can damage your health.

Since he's been in New York -working as a visiting professor at Princeton University- the new winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2010 enjoys an hour walk in Central Park, during which time he plans the day.
"This is an hour of exercises and work planning work," he told a reporter while walking through the New York flagship park. On this occasion he was accompanied by friends and members of his family, and his son Alvaro Vargas Llosa. Bystanders, cyclists, joggers and runner who recognize him, stop to compliment him on his lifetime achievement. Some will ask him to pose for a picture, to which ge agrees with 'mucho gusto.'

During his walk he had a chance to think to reflect about the awards in literature and concluded them dangerous. About the Nobel Prize, he says, "because of the magnitude of it, some writers have been hurt because they write to win and that is very bad because they lose spontaneity, freedom, and you can become pretty conventional."

Reading the commentaries about his winning the much coveted prize, it is clear that it has made many of his detractors quite unhappy; even those who attempt to be neutral, can't help speculating that perhaps the prize should have gone to someone else-someone less controversial.

I am happy to learn that the prize is for a lifetime achievement, and not just for this or that novel. Let's remember that besides his novels and plays, he has 30 non-fiction books! Anyone with the ambition of becoming a writer should read Vargas Llosa's work: both fiction and non-fiction. You'll find plenty of essay writing tipsas well as the outlines of how to write a novel.
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