Monday, October 18, 2010

South Korea Leads in Broadband Quality

Daejeon SkylineLONDON (Reuters). South Korea beat Hong Kong and Japan in broadband quality for the second consecutive year, to mark a new global benchmark for speed and penetration, according to a study released today.The annual survey conducted by the universities of Oxford and Oviedo and sponsored by Cisco Systems, found that the quality of broadband, as measured by speed of download, upload and penetration in 72 countries had improved by 24 percent in one year, and 50 percent in the last three.The quality of broadband is becoming more important as social networking, downloads and video services streaming demand improved communication.Some 48 countries in the study met the requirements and have large Internet service, compared with 38 last year, the study said.And 14 countries - South Korea, Japan, Latvia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Finland, Romania, Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Iceland and Hong Kong were ready for Internet applications art technology such as HDTV definition video online and communications.The scientists used data from 40 million as evidence of true broadband conducted between May and June on the web that measures the speed

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