Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why do men prefer long hair in a woman?

Translated from Spanish, Chiara Roggero’s blog published in El Comercio. 16.10.10
What is a fact is that my hair keeps falling and I'm really desperate. A woman without hair (bald-headed) is a nightmare. “I thought about cutting my hair short hoping I could hide my three stringy clumps, but my man insists I'm crazy, that there is nothing like a woman with long hair. But have you seen these threads? I say as I grab my poor little hair. They are ridiculous. But he insists that I leave it as long as possible. And then this insistence raises the question: Why men prefer long hair on women? I have a theory.

That a "hair" long produces much sensuality seems an invention. The sensuality, after all is half half true, and cultural (there I let out another theory in 2 x 1, my friend). But in reality I believe that men prefer long hair on women because it is the only hair that we can have long. In fact it is the only hair we show. Because for the underarms, arms, knees, legs and bikini line and a little more than the thin red line (or black or gold) there’s no authorization for the development or growth of any hair. In contrast, men have hair where they shouldn’t even have it (be that in their back, abdomen, neck, fingers) and since they are naturally hairy beings, they are at a crossroads when they love shorn beings—that is us women. That clash of identification rings an alarm in the man who demands that hair strands be long, anything you can do to compensate for  the lack of hair (in the woman) in other parts of her body.

You may be asking what has this writer has been smoking? This smells like burnt hair, a maudlin woman loose. Gentlemen, this is my theory, like it or not. If you have yours, you are welcome to share; yes I pray creativity and good humor.
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