Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cool Holiday Gifts for Teachers

"Teacher Appreciation" featured phot...Image via WikipediaThe holidays are right around the corner, which means parents will soon be scrambling to pick out the most appropriate gift for the teachers in their children's lives. Purchasing gifts is always a fun experience; and can be so even when you don't know the person very well.
Teachers are people that we typically may have only a bit of information about. However, a very nice gift can still be found with a little investigating and consideration. A staple in the life of every teacher is that of the lanyard. Lanyards provide teachers with a way to carry their classroom keys and other small items.
Badge lanyards feature a plastic badge holder so that a teacher can adequately display their employee identification. Even when you don't know your child's teacher's favorites, you can find many badge lanyards or standard lanyards without a badge holder in just the right style for any teacher, male or female.
Lanyards come in a wide array of styles suitable for any teacher of any grade. Finding badge lanyards in fun and cheery teacher themes is easy to do. Just investigate by observing how your child's teacher dresses and presents him or herself professionally. If a teacher teaches sixth grade, they may not giggle with delight at receiving something decorated with apples or ABC's.

However, a Kindergarten teacher may! It's not the size or cost of the gift that is important. It's the thought that goes into coming up with something that simply says, "Thank you, we appreciate you!"

Expensive gifts such as gift baskets and gift certificates should be discouraged; they set a bad precedent that other parents feel forced to comply with, and those parents may not have the finances to buy that bigger gift.
Some students really like the idea of giving their teacher something very personal - something home made. Following this idea, kids can write their teacher a special story, where the teacher is a hero or heroine.
They can even illustrate their story with beautiful artwork they draw themselves. Another homemade gift idea for teachers is to provide them with a stylish way to keep clutter from pencils under control in the classroom. The amount of help a child will need to complete this project will depend on their age.
Using an empty coffee can, pull out the paints, fabrics, clay or beads and let the creative juices flow. Using a craft knife, cut small X patterns in the lid.

The lid of the coffee can will be used to hold pencils in place. Once the can is completely decorated and dry, stick pencils in each of the openings made with the craft knife. Your child's teacher will be thrilled for the extra organization in the classroom! Many parents are simply too busy to create a homemade gift for their child's teacher.

Keep in mind, almost everyone has a sweet tooth; try candy in a clear jar with a pretty ribbon tied around it.
Teachers work very hard with our children, so anytime they are shown how much they are appreciated, they are pleased by it.

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