Friday, July 8, 2011

East of Tiffany's - Review by Rinku

Every sentence of this book(East of Tiffany's) compels me to read the next one and the next one--there's no let up! It's like reading a thriller, except there's no violence in this book--only love.

It's an interesting book with decent, life-enhancing stories. The best story that I liked is the first one: the love story of Marc and Mary Patricia. Their love story touched my heart, it taught me what love is. It's been several weeks since I read this story, yet I still carry it in my heart, my mind, and my soul. That a couple could live a married life of more than half a century and still feel their love as if it was the first minute when they met, is just wonderful.

Call me romantic, dreamer, or square, that's okay--but let me one day love like Mary-Patricia.

In my point of view, marc and mary-patricia's story, is no less gripping,sweet, and heart-wrenching than the story of Romeo and Juliet. That is how high I think of it.

If anyone doubts my word, check out the tons of reviews in, barnes and noble. Readers from all over the world agree with me.

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