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Lazarillo of Tormes: Most Beloved Short Story of Spanish Literature

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Chapter 4 - How Lazaro Went to Work for a Friar of the Order of Mercy and What Happened to Him

 I had to get a fourth master, who turned out to be a friar of the Order of Mercy. The women I've mentioned recommended me to him, telling me he was a relative. 

Choir duties and eating in the monastery he hated; it was worse than pulling teeth. But he was always running around on the outside, and quite devoted to secular business and visiting people.  In fact, so dedicated was he to these activities that I think he wore out more shoes than the whole monastery put together.  Talking about shoes, I should say that this man gave me the first pair of shoes I ever wore, which lasted me but a week.  And I wouldn't have lasted myself much longer trying to keep up with him. 
So because of this and some other little things that I don't want to mention, I left him.
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