Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ortega y Gasset's Ideas About the Novel (Ortega Gasset)

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Ideas about the Novel, a landmark book by Jose Ortega y Gasset, translated from the Spanish by Marciano Guerrero


Chapter 1 - Decline of the Genre
Chapter 2 - Autopsy
Chapter 3 - No Definitions
Chapter 4 - The Novel is a Slow Genre
Chapter 5 - Function and Substance
Chapter 6 - Two Theaters
Chapter 7 - Dostoevsky and Proust
Chapter 8 - Action and Contemplation
Chapter 9 - The Novel as Provincial Life
Chapter 10 - Hermetic Seal
Chapter 11 - The Novel is a Dense Form
Chapter 12 - Decadence and Perfection
Chapter 13 - Imaginary Psychology
Chapter 14 - Send Off

While other translations contain erroneous interpretations by the translators, my edition attempts to present Ortega y Gasset's original ideas as he presented them to the public.  This is a landmark book that should b e visited and revisited over the years.

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