Saturday, January 21, 2012

Private Equity Secrets Revealed - A Great Book

Description:I worked in a small team, as most private equiteers do, investing many millions of dollars into seemingly successful businesses. We worked directly for our investors; not only as advisers or consultants, but as genuine investment partners. That meant we had carte blanche to buy any business we saw fit, as long as it adhered to our loose investment mandate and as long as the owner was willing to sell.

Private Equity Secrets Revealed is Perfect for :
* Job Hunters – looking for a secret weapon for Private Equity interviews
* Private Equity Pros – interested in the secrets of other top PE firms
* Limited Partners – looking for the tricks used by PE general partners
* Investment Bankers – putting together deals to entice Private Equiteers

Rarely Revealed Before :
* Trade Secrets – on earn-outs, equity ratchets, vendor financing, etc.
* Articulated Theories – on picking great companies in great industries
* Guidelines – on becoming the most valued Private Equiteer at your firm
* Advanced Formulas – for Valuations, Working Cap, CapEx, Covenants
* Explanations – on how PE enters into investments at such low prices
* PLUS much more detailed info on PE from many years at top firms

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