Friday, January 13, 2012

Top and Best-Rated Microwave Ovens

I can do without my LED TV, without my cell phone, without my electric blanket, and even my computer—but I can never do without my microwave oven. This is unthinkable!

But what can you your do if your microwave is on the blink? Mine started to become as loud as an approaching subway. The turntable was kaput. Occasionally I could hear the fan belts squeak, and worst of all: cooking and heating time was taking longer.
I read somewhere that if your microwave oven takes longer than 2 minutes to boil a mug of water, then it is time to do something about it.

Will you go through the yellow pages and find someone to check if it can be fixed? It could be just a fuse blown out after all. But on second thought, you had the machine for the past 10 years. Shouldn’t we move the economy and purchase a new one? Ten years seems like a good return on investment.

In my case, I decided to replace it. The repairman shop across the street told me that just to open it and diagnose the illness would cost me $80. And if parts were needed that would bring me over $100, and maybe even $200.

With a little research in the Web I could tell that most new microwave ovens’ prices hover around $200. But the problem was to determine right away, what design, color, and style would appeal to my taste. The varieties are overwhelming.

Since I am a person of little technical knowledge I decided to consult the Consumer Report and other publications. Aha! What a bright idea. Lo and behold, these publications rank the little workhorses; that made it easy for me to make my mind as to what was suitable to my needs.

These little nuke ovens make use of powerful electromagnetic waves which helps heat food quickly. This is my main use, though I’ve been known to whip up a few meals in no time at all.

The top-rated large countertop model is the Whirlpool MT41555 PB. Further research told me that it wasn’t even over $200! Next came the GE Profile JES 2251 SJ [xx]. In third place I found the Whirlpool Gold GT41755PB. Now if you really want to go to town, and your needs demand an Over-the-range model, then by all means try a Samsung or a Kenmore—they go for about $500.

See details on the top 10-rated.

I can’t reveal my choice because this is a matter of personal taste. But I believe that any of the microwave ovens that are listed in the top ten can perform well. So go ahead and think about replacing the tired horse--but choose with good sense.


#1 Whirlpool MT4155SPB

#2 GE Profile JES2251SJ

#3 Whirlpool Gold GT4175SPB

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