Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Accent

Does 'american accent' really work?

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'american accent' will level the playing field for many English speaking people who learned English beyond the age of 15. If you didn't learn English as a child, your pronunciation of American English will be "learned" and will sound foreign--that is non-American.
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This course isn't like many other courses on pronunciation or phonetics that teach theory and linguistics theory. This course is not about writing phonetic marks on a page, or memorizing strange sounds. Not at all. This course is about the practical side of learning English skills that will propel individuals into the path of success.

Having progressed from being an agricultural society to an industrial society, and now to an INFORMATIONAL society, getting ahead in this age of communication one must master language skills--American English skills. Once this is done, everything will follow: how to be a leader, how to motivate workers, and how to manage them.

The secret to getting ahead is the ability to communicate well and with accent-less American English.

Besides advancement in careers, individuals will achieve great confidence, polish, poise, and then gain an aura of respect. Do you ever wonder why sometimes we are in awe of some individuals who speak well? It isn't because the individuals are handsome or good looking or the clothes they wear--it is their language skills!

Go through this course and you won't find yourself keeping quiet or hiding in the classroom or in business meetings. You'll feel confident to speak your mind, to put forth your opinions, to defend your proposals.

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Get started now! Take this course and put on your sun-glasses because your future will be bright!

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