Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Become a Writer, Becoming a Writer, How to Become a Professional Writer

Amazon Has The 3 Tools You Need to Become a Writer

Write essays, term papers, letters, blogs, emails, short stories, or a novel!

East of Tiffany's

Kindle $5
Amazon Price: $10.05 (as of 02/06/2012) Buy Now

Toolbox for Writers: How to Write No-Doze Prose

$7.95 paperback only - not in Kindle
Amazon Price: $8.54 (as of 02/06/2012) Buy Now

How to Improve Writing With Sentence Openers

Kindle $7.95
Amazon Price: (as of 02/06/2012) Buy Now

What makes East of Tiffany's valuable --a model to follow-- for many aspiring writers is that the stories are written following the Mary Duffy's method, a method that is hidden in plain sight and revealed in the writing itself!: The techniques are made clear in our 3 inexpensive books listed above.

Fiction can be a source of pleasure and continued income as well. If you love writing--you can do the same and get great enjoyment and earn royalties for the years to come--a veritable annuity! Book orders come daily. Amazon sells them--you just write them!

In our case, the monthly royalties --direct deposited-- are most welcome added income since Marc and I are both retired from business and on fixed income.

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