Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best Microwave Oven Use 2

Roland St. Cyr:
Please don't joke or even think about using your microwave oven for crazy things like I can sterilize my cat, clean my gym socks, and cook a turkey in the microwave in under 20 minutes! Respect power!

A. Tobias:
I can honestly say I use for simple things: reheating pizza, heating a cup of water quick or defrosting meat.

I use my m/w oven to melt butter, etc., re-heat leftovers (homemade or restaurant), heat tamales, thaw frozen veggies a little before throwing them in a casserole, melt cheese on my easy nachos. It adds little heat to my house--if any.

J. Foster:
My favorite use of the microwave is restoring freshness to french bread: about 20 seconds and it's transformed from hard and dry to soft and moist, crust intact!


#1 Whirlpool MT4155SPB

#2 GE Profile JES2251SJ

#3 Whirlpool Gold GT4175SPB

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