Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best Microwave Oven Use 3

Have you ever wondered about the nasty little universes of bacteria that orbit in your sponges? Billions of them teeming with lethal energy in many cases--or cultures.

Some bacteria are disease-causing organisms, like the Streptococcus bacteria
that doctors find in patients with strep throat.

Bacteria are so widespread that they may be found on the tops of mountains, the bottom of the deepest oceans, in the guts of animals, and even in the frozen rocks and ice of Antarctica. But this isn't a course in bio-chemistry. I'll just get to the point: some bacteria live and thrive in water sediments held in sponges.

Therefore, you should disinfect your sponges at least once a week in order to avoid bacterial food poisoning. Soak your sponges in water for a while, and then nuke them for 2 minutes--that's all. Result? Happy life!


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