Monday, October 15, 2012

Mrs. Sarah Green. 'Literary Retrospection', Romance Readers and Romance Writers

Despite the criticism of the Romance as a literary genre, the genre thrives much to the chagrin of critics, but much to the delight of readers. That is why we have writers of romances today: there's a great market for it; witness. And the market keeps expanding with the inclusion of teens and young adults who crave for romance and fantasy. .

In the excerpt that follows, Mrs. Sara Green expresses her disgust with the genre:

Would that, like the monster Briareus, I could strike a hundred blows in the same instant, and that all the vampers of romance, w merit annihilation, were in my presence!—they are the vermin of literature—their spawn creep to our firesides, and cover our tables, our chairs, our sofas and our mantel pieces ....

Those who read many romances are, I imagine, insensible to the inconsistencies which I am unfortunate enough to detect, even works written by men of talents and genius; and thus I am deprived of that interest in the perusal of them, which others enjoy to intense degree.

Sometimes I notice incongruities that the most accommodating and indulgent critic would be at a loss to reconcile: sometimes I read a picturesque description that turns nature in second state of chaos; and sometimes I meet with an author who does all he can to make the human shape more than divine. 
Thus is the spell dissolved, nor can it be wondered at if I throw the book from me in disgust.
Mrs. Sarah Green. 'Literary Retrospection', Romance Readers and Romance Writers, A Satirical Novel (1810).

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