Tuesday, November 13, 2012

East Of Tiffany's Reviewed by Christopher Colon

East of Tiffany's contains 13 short stories: 3 of them are reviewed.

Dog Heaven
Dog Heaven is not only one of the best short stories I have ever read in my life but also it is an emotional story that truly touches my heart. I for one am a dog lover myself raising a Mastiff for about five years and I can truly say that I can relate to how Pepino had a great impact on his owners. The same instinct that Pepino had in that he was extremely smart and comforting is what I can say proudly I have with my dog. The message that I learned from reading this story is that sometimes you have to go with your instincts to get ahead in life, the same instincts that Pepino conveyed in his everyday actions. In life, we are face with hardships but life continues. We need to take a bad situation and use it as an impulse to better ourselves. I would recommend this story to anyone because it is more than story about a man's best friend; it shows you how challenges can make someone a stronger person.

My Only Anglo Friend
I like this short story because it shows a bond between a young orphan man and a dear friend, Mrs. Poumier who reminded him of his lost grandmother. Mrs. Poumier was a writer and this young man was into books so much that he would go into bookstores and different libraries to read as much as he could. As much as he loved to read, he began to develop a passion for writing. Meeting this woman truly made an impact in this young man's life to begin writing and she would correct some of his stories as well as giving him some pointers on how to becoming an excellent writer. I learned from the story that sometimes you need to lend a helping hand to those who are facing some bad luck. This story I would recommend for anyone one to read because it shows how the this woman gave this young man the impulse to continue to write. A passion to read and having a kind heart resulted in this young man developing the skills to becoming a great writer.

Luke, Postmodern Man
This story is indeed one of my favorites because it shows how an intelligent man who is great at what he does for a living deals with the hardships of finding true love after being dumped by a woman whom he cared for so much even in dealing with her struggles through breast cancer. This story involves a love triangle where a woman, named Erica who leaves her boyfriend Luke to become more independent after recovering from the cancer and yet she leaves him without any valid reason. This makes Luke fall into a depression where he is losing his hair and is thinking about taking his own life until he meets another woman named Melissa whom he has become very fond of. I learned from this story that you never close the doors on people who really care about you because you never know when that person is the only one that can really help you when you have hit rock bottom. This is truly a story that gives you a sense of sadness, happiness, and more than anything, it shows the true meaning about what it is to be a true friend.

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