Saturday, October 6, 2018

My latest book: Ten keys to Cubist Painting

In the 21st century, Cubism continues to demand our attention because many observers today do wish to understand what cubism is about, and —more importantly— because of its, technical and revolutionary contribution. Cubism reinvented the techniques of the relationship of an object with the space in which it is seen; this point about the object-space has been much debated since the Renaissance, but without solution or progress. With this book, I intend to explain in simple terms the nuances of cubist painting, because, without a sound grasp of it, 21st-century art may not be accessible.

Marciano Guerrero is a graduate of Columbia University, a Vietnam Veteran, retired business executive, college professor, and author and translator of more than 200 books. He resides in Sutton Place with his wife Mary Duffy and Mr. Darcy—a Shih-Tzu.

Ten Keys to Cubist Painting

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